CBRM, Exam & BOK (90 days)



The online Certified Business Relationship Management (CBRM) course allows BRMP qualified students to take the next step in their development and learn what it means to become a strategic BRM or business partner.

6 Modules
Study duration 18 hours


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Course Contents:

  • Module 1: Introduction to CBRM
  • Module ​2: ​Understanding Business Relationship Maturity and Value – Look at the Strategic BRM role, BRM Impact on Business Value and how BRMs work with other Business Partner Providers
  • Module ​3: ​​Assessing BRM Context – Assessing business demand, relationships, capabilities and competencies
  • Module 4: ​Developing Strategic Relationships – planning, persuasion and politics
  • Module 5: Optimising Business Value – Innovation, management, governance, planning and optimisation
  • Module 6: Revision and exam prep

Course Options: 90 and 150 day courses are available

Prerequisites: Students must already hold the BRMP certification

Exam details: 80 multiple choice questions. 2 hours and 30 minute duration with a 50% pass mark. Exam can be taken online with a web proctor (With APMG). Students should have completed the CBRM course before requesting their exam voucher

Course Samples:

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